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Requirements for Greek Citizenship

Requirements For The Registration Of Unregistered Greek-Australian Citizens In A Municipality In Greece.

The following applies to individuals of Greek decent. These documents are required when applying for Greek citizenship:

  1. Parents religious marriage certificate from Church (contact the Archdiocese in your State or Territory)
  2. Parents civil marriage from the registry of Births Deaths & Marriages in your State or Territory
  3. Baptism certificate (if christened) (contact the Archdiocese in your State or Territory)
  4. Full birth certificate from the registry of Births Deaths & Marriages in your State or Territory
  5. Recent Citizenship certificate from parents from the Municipality where they are registered in Greece (You may have this faxed directly to the Consulate in your State)
  6. Recent Marital status certificate, if your parents were married in Greece, then you are required to obtain a recent marital status certificate from the municipality they were registered. If your parents were not married in Greece, then their wedding will have to be registered in Greece to recognise your Greek heritage.
  7. Parents Greek Passports and Police Identity Cards (if available)
  8. Australian Passports of all interested parties (for males, both expired and current)
  9. Two recent passport style photographs (for males only)
  10. Record of International Movement since birth (for males only). This can be obtained from the Department of Immigration located in your State or Territory
  11. A full Birth Certificate of parent who is not registered in Greece



a) It is essential to have an original of each document as well as one photocopy

b) You will need an appointment each time you visit the Consulate General in Melbourne: 37-39 Albert Road, Melbourne 3004, Victoria. Tel.: (+61 03) 98664524-5 - Fax: (+61 03) 98664933

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